Does your home or workplace look dull and boring? How long has it been since you have painted your premises? Painting is one of the crucial aspects of building maintenance as it is the best ways to reflect your personality, and a professional paint job is a great way to ensure longevity in the integrity of your building. Total Paint is the company you need. We are an Auckland based commercial and residential painting company, growing at a considerable rate, which services the Auckland area and beyond. As it comes into the warmer months, you might find that your home or project may be in the need of some love! We recommend periodic exterior and interior house painting to maintain the charm in your premises that your personality projects.

We have an experienced team who are qualified, professional and efficient when it comes to any of your painting needs. Whether you have a small, medium or large scale project coming up we would love to hear from you. We pride ourselves on the high quality work our team engages in, and we go out of our way to accommodate customers’ needs and alleviate any concerns that arise during projects. There are several reasons why you should use Total Paint to ensure longevity in your home. Firstly, a defensive mechanism for your premises’ longevity – most importantly, paint is a defensive material against any harmful materials that could harm your building over the long term. Protection against the weather, temperature and other climatic conditions could act as a barrier for your home or building. Secondly, the way in which you decorate your home/building defines your personality.

The colour and condition of your premises is the first thing that people see. As the colour and quality of the facade of your building is the initial thing someone sees when they view the property, any chipped, cracked or peeling paint may leave the wrong impression on guests. Finally, getting rid of an old look and introducing a new coat of paint, or even new colours, always brings a feeling of satisfaction, adds charm and brings an up-to-date look to your home. In regards to the appearance of your home or commercial building; colours, shades and paint styles contribute a lot in the projection of any building and the residents’ personality; and as such has a large effect of forming a dull home into a charming one. We provide a variety of services at Total Paint, from; roof painting, interior painting and exterior painting; which include both residential painting and commercial painting of any type of home or commercial premises.

With our team of specialised painters, along with aiming to deliver a hassle-free experience for our clients, in comparison to the competition we have been shown to be one of the highest quality paint contractors for the last ten years and counting. There is no fixed deadline for repainting your premises. It solely depends on climatic conditions and the state of your premises. But, getting your building painted without professionals may be tedious, costly and time-consuming all at the same time.

This could cause you to have unnecessary anxiety and stress. With ten years of experience in the industry and counting, we pride ourselves on our ability to service a full spectrum of customers from home DIY jobs to major painting projects across Auckland. Using our expertise, the clients of Total Paint can expect to experience the highest quality of finishing and exceptional customer service while we undertake and complete your project. Total Paint, for your total painting solutions!